A classier/ upscale homeless person. Sans casas used to be in the work force and plan on re-entering soon, but have fallen on a bit of bad luck. They usually have the "pick-of-the-litter" spots (i.e. tents under the freeway or the newest boxes), their shopping carts have four wheels, and they usually get to skip lines at the shelter. Sans casas do not appear to be disease ridden and their signs are grammatically correct and free of spelling errors.
"If I don't make my next rent check, I'm definitely going to be sans casa for a while".
by WeKnowThings September 28, 2010
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"Mi casa es su casa" (formal) is Spanish for "My house is your house" a common saying to invite someone into your house and allow them to make themselves at home. It also carries a implied sexual connotation of granted permission to have intercourse during your stay.
As in Atlas Shrugged(movie):

Ellis Wyatt: There are several guest rooms upstairs help yourself...(evening valedictions)...Mi casa es su casa and so on.
by wkpsahl January 04, 2014
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That is the Argentinian version of the American White House. They say it was painted with blood that was taken from horses.
I am wondering if the president is now in casa rosada, it would be cool to see him!
by pablo bvs September 10, 2006
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Famously known as the party house for all ARIZONA STATE CROSS COUNTRY student athletes, where many extracurricular activities occur. Throughout the university it is known as the place to go if you want to do one or all of the following; 1. Consume large amounts of alcohol and liquor. 2. Hook up with girls who are driven there by the dozens. 3. Break anything and everything in the vicinity. 4. Play drinking games for large amounts of money: Keg stand, Louisville Shugger, Beer Pong, Flip Cup. Supposedly they have connections with a vendor that supplies them with the refilling of the house keg every couple of days. Parties are known to start from noon on one day and end on noon the other.
What is the biggest reason why you committed to ASU, when you have all these other schools offering you way more money?

I want to go to ASU because it's ASU, I want to study hard, run harder, and party at Casa de Tempe.
by El Sol del Nino September 21, 2011
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When you go to Casa Bonita and pay $25 dollars for all you can eat fake mexican food + unlimited sopa pillas and shit your brains out for 2 days afterward.
Dude, Pat was just Casa Bonita-ing for 20 minutes in my mom's bathroom.
by SH25 August 02, 2012
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A vile, wretched or disgusting Mexican restaurant. A truck stop in Wyoming, where they pour a burrito onto your plate out of a can. Any eating establishment where the food will place you in a race with the Devil for the nearest bathroom. A restaurant which, if it caught on fire, would cause cockroaches to stampede out like a heard of buffalo.
A roach-coach with a painting of the Virgin Mary on the side, and at least one missing tire, is the Casa de Salmonella.
by Bloater October 17, 2011
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