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1. freak

2. shortform for carnival

3. Someone who works at a carnival
I saw an extremely fat and tugley carny with unusually small eyes which got much bigger when it smelled my popcorn.

Want to go to the carny?

That nice carny over there gave me a discount on cotton candy.
by CannyVanni January 05, 2011
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shortened form of "too ugly"

In terms of severeness from least to greatest:

Ugly (least ugly)
Fugly (uglier)
Tugley (ugliest)

Usually used as an adjective to describe someone or something. In addition, it can be used in degrees e.g. tugley, tuglier, tugliest.

*Often misspelled as "tugly"*
Many people like Justin Beiber but I think he's tugley.

Slums are one of the tugliest places to live in.

Canny is such a tugley name but its meaning is even tuglier (see "half *** half ***" definition).

I think shetland sheepdogs (shelties) are tugley- looking animals.
by CannyVanni January 03, 2011
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1. Ugly boat

2. Boat/ ship in (very) bad condition
That's one tugley you've got there!

Your boat is tugley.
by CannyVanni January 06, 2011
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normal/ usual- opposite of uncanny
Jeans and hoodies are a canny combination.

My daily routine is a canny one.

Being emo (and depressed all the time) is not very canny.

A teenager acting like a baby is anything but canny.
by CannyVanni January 05, 2011
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