probably the best beer in the world.
....carlsberg don't do internet sites but if they did they'd probably be the best in the world.
by Seany L May 13, 2003
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The finest in Danish brew.

Carlsberg's flavor, a sharp yet bubbly medley, leaves a taste of crisp grain malt on the tongue. The bold carbonation tingles then soothes the throat.

A beer so delicate, an appropriate beverage to enjoy, even for your godson's brisk.
*man walks up to a group of strangers*

Man: Hey.. Would anyone like some Carlsberg?

Group: Hey sure!
by redzone1 March 19, 2009
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"look at that a donkey drinking HOBGOBLIN CIRCLE MASTER"
"YES but it is pissing out carlsberg"
by druid April 19, 2004
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v. to leave immediately; to abscond
n. a really shitty beer that tastes acceptable only when you're abroad
Yo, lets carlsberg out of this joint.
by segmastaK March 1, 2012
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An alcoholic beverage that requires great skill by Danish lorry drivers to get it out of the country. Local danish people, particularly elderly ladies, will do anything to stop it crossing the border, including pushing the lorry drivers down the cellar stairs.
Carlsberg Export is so good the danish don't want it to leave.
by TV Boy February 17, 2005
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- Shit dude this lager tastes like wet dog.
= Dude thats Carlsberg Export your drinking.
- Oh right, makes sense.
by Shryker January 6, 2008
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One of the worst characters in Welcome to Night Vale. He is really annoying and Cecil Palmer hates him.
by BenderTheGroundskeeper June 13, 2020
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