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A very nice massage, usually given with copious amounts of oil.

Once you strip naked in front of a 17 year old thai masseus, you lay down on a bed where she proceeds to give you the best massage of your life.

Towards the end of the massage, you'll be prompted to receive a "sexy massage". At this point she'll negotiate a price with you, ranging from 12$-15$. keep in mind, this is Thailand where its perfectly legal to sleep with a 12 year old but deathly illegal to smoke marijuana.

After the negotiations are complete, you'll get the best damn fucking handjob ever.
Boyfriend: Hey babe, can you give me a Thai Massage?

Girlfriend: Gross no i wont fulfill your sick Asian fantasies..
by redzone1 November 11, 2008
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A college where all the scene kids, stoners, pseudo-hippies, abercrombie kids, and others losers go to continue their unusual lifestyle...

A non-academic environment where kids play all day. In other words, an expensive daycare.
Person 1:Hey are you going to apply to SFSU?

Person 2: Why? to be stuck in a non academic environment of losers?
by redzone1 March 18, 2009
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Great coffee, although your purchase is in the image of the company.

It is slightly overpriced compared to your average cup of coffee. but on the side of the cup you get a witty and intelligent quote. if you buy starbucks you are, therefore, intelligent.
Although, this is not the case because you spent $3.00 on a cup of coffee.
Boyfriend: my uncle buys starbucks to maintain his image.

Girlfriend: Shut up already! can you please just hurry and buy my double non-fat extra whip, carmel macchiato!
by redzone1 November 10, 2008
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The finest in Danish brew.

Carlsberg's flavor, a sharp yet bubbly medley, leaves a taste of crisp grain malt on the tongue. The bold carbonation tingles then soothes the throat.

A beer so delicate, an appropriate beverage to enjoy, even for your godson's brisk.
*man walks up to a group of strangers*

Man: Hey.. Would anyone like some Carlsberg?

Group: Hey sure!
by redzone1 March 19, 2009
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One who has a low sense of security. Phallic narcissist feel that the only people they can communicate with are people only as brilliant as they are. they tend to befriend people with gifts of intelligence only to extend there reputation.

Exhibitionism and trying to feel 'manly', are common traits. A phallic narcissist, therefore, may tend to wear abercrombie & fitch or tight fitting clothes to exemplify muscles when, in fact, they look weak. They also drive automobiles, preferably with or around women, at excessive and unnecessary speeds to feel a sense of power.

Phallic narcissists need material desires at any cost. While their image is of perfection, the average person will perceive them as abnormal.

Rich, handsome people with money to spend tend to become phallic narcissists.

A strong desire for material needs may be fulfilled. But true happiness with friends and loved ones remains absent.
student 1: hey look at jared, he's so ripped with his six pack, i feel like shit because i cant sport abercrombie the way he does...
Student 2: Please, that's exactly what that phallic narcissist wants you to feel. he's just sad because of his small penis.
by redzone1 November 10, 2008
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when you take nyquil and don't get enough sleep. the result: nyquil hangover.

results are a feeling of sleepiness/grogginess. persons are usually able to overcome such a feeling by midday. as for the former part of the day, you might as well be living as a zombie.

nyquil hangovers usually fuck you over when you're too anxious for a 7am midterm and you take nyquil around 8pm the previous night but don't fall asleep until 2am. when you wake up, voila, a splendid nyquil hangover.

you feel like shit, so you drink coffee. the coffee does absolutely nothing. so you drink a rebull, the redbull does absolutely nothing. soon you can feel your heart racing from all the caffeine and b12, but you still want to sleep. these are the true side effects of a nyquil hangover
Jenny: Becky what the hell am i experiencing right now?? i feel like shit!

Becky: nigga, you popped too much nyquil, now you got dat nyquil hangover
by redzone1 June 9, 2009
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Mainly a cell-phone and an ipod, it has many other uses. It works fine as a phone, but works even better as a toy.

Apples brilliant marketing plan has now brainwashed America. i attribute this to the fact that every time i talk to people about iphones i hear this, "oh i want an iphone so bad.."

While it's function as a phone works well, the iphone offers nothing you cant do on your computer or a basic ipod.

While the actual hardware is relatively cheap, the monthly fee is quite expensive to middle class America.

So, before you buy an iphone, ask yourself: "can i buy a regular cellphone and save large amounts of cash?"

and for the daring ask yourself:
"am i falling prey to our consumer society, will i truly be happy with an iphone?"
Student 1: "yea i just traded my iphone for a basic razor."

Student 2: "why the hell would you do that? the iphones are soo awesome, man you shouldve given it to me!

Student 1: "well as long as i can call people, because thats what a phone is for, then im happy."
by redzone1 November 10, 2008
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