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One who has a low sense of security. Phallic narcissist feel that the only people they can communicate with are people only as brilliant as they are. they tend to befriend people with gifts of intelligence only to extend there reputation.

Exhibitionism and trying to feel 'manly', are common traits. A phallic narcissist, therefore, may tend to wear abercrombie & fitch or tight fitting clothes to exemplify muscles when, in fact, they look weak. They also drive automobiles, preferably with or around women, at excessive and unnecessary speeds to feel a sense of power.

Phallic narcissists need material desires at any cost. While their image is of perfection, the average person will perceive them as abnormal.

Rich, handsome people with money to spend tend to become phallic narcissists.

A strong desire for material needs may be fulfilled. But true happiness with friends and loved ones remains absent.
student 1: hey look at jared, he's so ripped with his six pack, i feel like shit because i cant sport abercrombie the way he does...
Student 2: Please, that's exactly what that phallic narcissist wants you to feel. he's just sad because of his small penis.
by redzone1 November 09, 2008
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when you take nyquil and don't get enough sleep. the result: nyquil hangover.

results are a feeling of sleepiness/grogginess. persons are usually able to overcome such a feeling by midday. as for the former part of the day, you might as well be living as a zombie.

nyquil hangovers usually fuck you over when you're too anxious for a 7am midterm and you take nyquil around 8pm the previous night but don't fall asleep until 2am. when you wake up, voila, a splendid nyquil hangover.

you feel like shit, so you drink coffee. the coffee does absolutely nothing. so you drink a rebull, the redbull does absolutely nothing. soon you can feel your heart racing from all the caffeine and b12, but you still want to sleep. these are the true side effects of a nyquil hangover
Jenny: Becky what the hell am i experiencing right now?? i feel like shit!

Becky: nigga, you popped too much nyquil, now you got dat nyquil hangover
by redzone1 June 08, 2009
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A college where all the scene kids, stoners, pseudo-hippies, abercrombie kids, and others losers go to continue their unusual lifestyle...

A non-academic environment where kids play all day. In other words, an expensive daycare.
Person 1:Hey are you going to apply to SFSU?

Person 2: Why? to be stuck in a non academic environment of losers?
by redzone1 March 18, 2009
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Alexander, in my opinion is a controversial figure. yes he did conquer most of the known world by age 32. but does this fact make him a great leader? or was he a materialist ruler? Due to a childhood that is believed to be 'regressed', Alexander had a deep love for himself. Thus, a simple case of narcissism allowed his mind to be preoccupied with infinite power and glory. Are these the traits of a good leader? His desire for materialism, and his socio-economic place gave him virtually all the power he wanted. He gorged in his narcissism by conquering every land he sought fit. His grandiose sense of self worth made his opinion the only opinion that mattered. anyone who stood in his way would die. Did Alexander benefit and improve his country as a whole? was Alexander after all, so great??

Alexander died at the young age of 32. The gods are said to have a way of punishing such pride.
Student 1: Hey did you see Alexander the Great?

Student 2: Naw, that movie sucks..
by redzone1 November 10, 2008
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The finest in Danish brew.

Carlsberg's flavor, a sharp yet bubbly medley, leaves a taste of crisp grain malt on the tongue. The bold carbonation tingles then soothes the throat.

A beer so delicate, an appropriate beverage to enjoy, even for your godson's brisk.
*man walks up to a group of strangers*

Man: Hey.. Would anyone like some Carlsberg?

Group: Hey sure!
by redzone1 March 18, 2009
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I don't understand my philosophy 780 midterm - a Theological argument we have to analyze. Luckily i took three pills of 45mg Adderall an hour before.

Your heart beat rises and you're in the zone, an alternate reality where Adderall controls your mind. Suddenly the argument, a dense and primitive form of writing, makes sense. The argument becomes concise and clear. The once painful material unravels like a bounty roll before your eyes. You finally understand what the hell the author is arguing about.

Soon, you find yourself writing well constructed sentences and thorough critiques. You even reference jokes in your response that pertain to your professor and the argument.

You look around the classroom to notice the other students struggling with the midterm and realize you're finished. You're awake for the next forty-eight hours but two weeks later you receive an A+. Oh Adderall, how i adore you.
Person 1: Let's go study Becky!

Person 2: Fuk you nigga ima pop Adderall.
by redzone1 March 18, 2009
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An undermined race in the United States. Although, their reputation as illegal immigrants proceeds them, they are actually the back bone of California's agriculture.

Often stereotyped as lazy, they are in fact the opposite. All fruits and vegetables that you see in safeway are picked by mexican's and or other illegal immigrants. this allows farm owners cheap labor. without mexican's our economy in agriculture would die. Without mexicans, the prices of fruit would rise.

Caucasion families,(usually on welfare) will use prejudice against hardworking mexicans to compensate for the fact that they, themselves, do not make an honest living.
Bubba: Look at them damn mexicans crossing the street. hell, they takin' america like a disease!

Jason: well bubba, once you actually get a job and work, maybe you'll appreciate the fact that mexicans do all the dirty work in america that you're ass is too lazy to do.

Bubba: yous a got damn spic lover, yous.
by redzone1 November 09, 2008
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