5 definitions by Left_Nut69

Squidwards final form
Julia: Whats Squidward’s final form?
Nick: squigganigga
by Left_Nut69 October 31, 2019
A retarded black kid. Buck teeth, glasses and two lazy eyes are key features of a niggatard.
Tim: Hey, look at that niggatard over there
John: Ha! He’s a niggatard. What a niggatard.
by Left_Nut69 October 25, 2019
Hey, did you hear Obama care is running for president again in 2020?
by Left_Nut69 October 30, 2019
To be fucking retarded. If somebody calls you smart, you probably did something stupid or said something stupid.
Tim: George W Bush is a competent human being.
John: you’re fucking smart. Jesus christ
by Left_Nut69 March 10, 2020
A big boy. He’s a little short but has a big chest and a little bit of a high voice. He is an unstoppable ball of mass.
Ayo, that’s BiG Chungla. He’s so funny and big. Like a Chungla.
by Left_Nut69 October 31, 2019