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The greatest pasta dish to come out of Italy.

Basically pork(guanciale,pancetta or bacon),egg yolks,cheese(parmesan or pecorino)heavy cream(optional)and spaghetti.
One can also use onions,mushrooms,peas and garlic.

Served with black pepper or basil.
In a authentic Carbonara you use Pecorino cheese and Guanciale(unsmoked bacon)

Its hard making the Carbonara perfect because the egg yolks have a tendency to overcook.
by Carbonara April 03, 2008
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A carbonara is when three gay guys Jiz in each others ear and there anus, then they each shove carbonara in each others ear and anus
Jake- Hey bro remember how we carbonared
Kalani- yeah bro I've still got carbonara in my ear
Jack- yeah it's all up my anus still

Jake - wanna have another carbonara tonight
Jack and Kalani - fuck yeah big boi
by Street kid May 25, 2016
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