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Japanese for 'goodbye'; however, it carries more finality. Instead of being used at the end of a day, as in "Goodbye see you tomorrow," it would be used in situations where you will either not see the person for a long time, if ever again.
Man: I'm sorry my trip is taking me overseas for an indefinate amount of time, I will call you as often as I can!

Woman: Sayonara! *tear*
by A Man Called Michael October 15, 2009
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that one scene in Doki Doki Literature Club where Sayori commits suicide.
Person 1: "I have a word that only people who have played Doki Doki Literature Club would get."
Person 2: "Oh yeah?"
Person 1: "Sayo-nara"
by MrPaperSonic August 12, 2018
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Song created by Aries or Wunderworld on YouTube.

Also an informal way of saying goodbye to one another.
Man: Hey, have you heard Sayonara by Aries?
Woman: Yea, it's a pretty good song.
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by icarus beats August 12, 2018
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