Japanese for 'goodbye'; however, it carries more finality. Instead of being used at the end of a day, as in "Goodbye see you tomorrow," it would be used in situations where you will either not see the person for a long time, if ever again.
Man: I'm sorry my trip is taking me overseas for an indefinate amount of time, I will call you as often as I can!

Woman: Sayonara! *tear*
by A Man Called Michael October 15, 2009
“Sa-yo-na-ra”- Ash Lynx
“Sayonara, Koro-Sensei”-Nagisa Shiota
by Ed Wong Ho Peplue Treveruski 4 January 24, 2021
A song that plays when sayori dies in doki doki literature club
i gently open the door.... o shit sayori's dead wait but what is that music? well i see now its called sayonara
by jimmy_nutrition December 15, 2020
Song created by Aries or Wunderworld on YouTube.

Also an informal way of saying goodbye to one another.
Man: Hey, have you heard Sayonara by Aries?
Woman: Yea, it's a pretty good song.
by icarus beats August 12, 2018
a street in Citrus Heights ca where people living on that "block" think they are "Gangsta"
Don't mess with that fool, he is from Sayonara block.
by Juan Mendozafromsac June 21, 2007
Good-bye in Spanish, French, Italian, Alabamian, Canadian
Sayonara Amigo
by Baby stomper January 19, 2020