Car (verb) : A shout of warning during a street hockey game. Mainly Eastern Massachusetts dialect.
When a motorist is within fifty yards of the goal, one shouts "car" and the goal is removed until the car passes. There's no need to shout '"game on" as they do in Canada, where attention spans differ.
by Alexander Thompson March 1, 2004
A car = asian kryptonite!
"which part of the car is this... the break or the clutch?"
by Kristin Maynes August 18, 2006
a weapon of mass destruction for many forest animals generally located on roads
A semi truck and/or car or SUV
by Colin McLain May 17, 2007
A petrol driven 8 cylinder V8 chick magnet, if it doesn't fit this criteria it is often referred to as a "SHITBOX". Example of shitboxes include Subaru, Nissan, Volkswagen, Tesla, BMW, Mitsubishi, anything JDM ect. If its electric driven keep it in your mothers drawer.

Not for the chickens douchebags, eshays and fake car guys, if used incorrectly driver will be girlfriend-less for the rest of his life .
"Wow check out that sexy Hemi powered car, its probably from the 70s or below"
by HEMI-HUNTER May 24, 2022
a transportational device
i have a car
by jimmy stevan October 26, 2016
An automobile designed for faster travel. Ussually running on gas, however some use other things such as french fry oil.
by Andy the stelcy August 9, 2006