the thing that goees brooooom
1:hi dude wanna know sumit?
2:ya mann ya
1:my brooooooombrooom beeb is a car
2:bruh thats siiick
by nonamelissa February 14, 2019
Check out that car. Zero B00bage.
by Elvo June 19, 2007
a thing used to get from point a to point b
Are you using your car to go to the party tonight?
by chxotic April 23, 2017
Murder machines on wheels. They are used most deadly by women. A common tactic to use this lethal weapon is to ride the car in front of your's bumper. This causes many deaths a year. If you try to pass one, they will speed up, to not let you go in front of them. If you are smart enough to speed up, then cut them off, they will ride your bumper and flicker their headlights and start to chase you. This is why you always bring a bat in your car. You never know if they have a gun with them. To defend yourself against bumper-riders, just jam on the brakes, then let go of the brakes. They will probably get scared and stop. Even though a ton of people commit road crimes, I always seem to find myself getting pulled over after I see someone pass a red light/etc.
In this example, I will show a scenario of a woman driver.

I was driving down the road, when I see this car going 10 mph on a 40 mph road. I speed up to get ahead of her, then she takes off at 50 mph to try to stop me. I boost ahead of her and then she starts to follow me. She goes like, 60 mph and passes me by the shoulder. Then she stops and jams on the brakes, gets out of the car, and I bring a bat with me. I say "Why are you following me?" and she says "You cut me off." "Thats all you had to say? Your not doing anything about it?" I said. Then she takes a picture of my license, which she never even turned into the cops. Then guess what, I got pulled over for speeding, when she as you can see was threatening me by flickering her lights while chasing me, passing me by the shoulder, and speeding 20 mph over the speed limit. The officer said I speeded 10 mph over the limit.

This was a TRUE STORY.
by bjc2002 April 21, 2013
his car is parked in my garage.
by famous12 October 31, 2009
seriously why the fuck are you looking up car?! on fucking urban (dick)tionary?????!?!?!?!??!?!?!?
by Nigger killer 696969 February 15, 2016