To pet your cat in a certain way.
When Jon used capitulate grooming on Ashlie and Nick, they both purred, as Uni, his dog, growled.
by HyperMadsox August 31, 2018
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To insincerely concede in a pointless argument, in spite of a perfectly valid counterpoint or factual assertion
After hours of disputing her account of what she'd said & when, he finally just decided to capitulate, as it was clear the actual events had no bearing on her side of the story.
by T.L.Slackmaster June 18, 2018
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To defecate on one's own person /inside clothing.

To lose control of one's bowel function.
Laura just capitulated.
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When a thin blonde's inner conflict over interracial romance gets the best of her. Usually indicated by random fits of rage or her ankles reaching for the ceiling.
Guy#1: Amber just went off on Jake. She call you?

Guy#2: Capitulation Amy.

Guy#1: Sweeeet!
by major_delmac February 28, 2005
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Better than "BOW to the tyrant." It's like the fancy version of "kowtowing."
Hym "Don't capitulate to HIM! Capitulate to ME! And not ME Hym but-Oh shit... Wait... Yes ME Hym but not HIM him? Yeah... Or wait... I mean... Don't NOT capitulate to ME Hym and Don't capitulate to HIM him... Right!?"
by Hym Iam July 20, 2023
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1) France's national sport.

2) To become someone's bitch.

3) To have a piece of clothing turn white due to a stain of bleach or similar chemical products.
In 1815, after the battle of Waterloo, Napoleon Bonaparte was forced to capitulate for a second time, putting a definitive end to the Napoleonic Era.

John got bitchslapped so hard he capitulated and started calling his cellmate daddy.

I was trying to clean the house while watching the finals yesterday, ended up capitulating my shirt.
by CptArgentina June 12, 2017
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