Capella, also known as α Aurigae, is the brightest star in the constellation Auriga.
by Auridus February 5, 2013
A nice mazda - just like a 626/mx-6 - Some even have the 2.0L Fe-DOHC engine - make sure you get a manual or you WILL have problems such as no reverse or massive slip.
My Capella has been through 2 auto transmissions as they are shit.

I wish I had of brought a manual capella because I lost reverse and 3rd and 4th gear.
by Mike Edwards August 2, 2005
A Very Sexy and funny girl. She is easy to get along with until you piss her off. Most girls are jealous of her beautiful looks and perfect personality. Shes good in bed and never forgets your mistakes. She loves her best friends and if you hurt one you will regret it.
She's such a Capella
Help me be more of a Capella?
by wish upon a star December 4, 2011
A genre of music without there being any actual background music. It is usually used by rappers.
At the end of the last rap battle in 8 Mile, B. Rabbit says: "**** the beat, i go a capella" and carries on rapping without the backing music.
by Chris Mead April 11, 2006
The first definition is wrong, A cappella is not using any instruments but the background music is usually accompanied by beats made by the human mouth, usually one linking to the other one, like hitting the floor, then the desk, then the wall to make a beat that goes together, then it is accompanied by the actually singing, A Capella can only be accomplished by separate recording of different sounds, or a group working together
Go to youtube and check out The Temptations-My Girl-A Capella(MrVoxter)

Check this out, this is an A Capella and a really good one
by Ronald Hugo July 20, 2011
Having to beat off without sex toys, porn or any other visual, audio, or other sensory stimulation.
Amy got stuck at her friends house with out her pocket rocket, she hat to pet the fisher man in the canoe doing a little "A capella masturbation"
by Big Papa Pumper February 5, 2009
Like its counterpart Walden University, Capella University is a place where you can buy a degree as long as you're willing to pay. The similarities with Walden University (also located in Minneapolis, Minnesota) are so similar that the same definitions apply to both schools.
Like Walden, Capella is "an online diploma mill masquerading as a school. They started as small non-accredited college selling degrees through the Internet and have since bombarded the Internet with endless advertising spam messages about their graduate programs. Everyone who applies will be accepted as they don’t require a GRE, SAT, or a pulse. If you can pay, you can get yourself a Walden education.

Their instructors are all part-time employees who are usually employed at other online schools and teach at Walden for the extra money. All of their classes are canned and don’t really require any real learning. Just write papers and do the minimum and you’ll have a worthless degree in no time at all.

The school's administration in Minneapolis, MN changes constantly. The school goes through deans and heads of departments so quickly they can't seem to figure out who's running things.

Capella University is for anyone who wants to brag about having a degree while they’re restocking the shelves at Walmart."

To paraphase the second Walden definition - Capella University is "a marketing company masquerading as a school. Anytime anyone says anything bad about them online a bunch of fake people, who all sound exactly the same, show up to defend it.

The school is the bottom of the barrel of acredited colleges. It is the community college of online schools. The only reason to go to Capella University is because you can't get in anywhere else.
This review will never be number #1 on Urban Dictionary because Capella University staff members are paid to scour the internet and purge honest information about their school.
by BeenThere July 18, 2008