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Mandarin for "fuck"
Mandarin for "grass"
Manderin for a lot of other things
by Mji January 27, 2005
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A word in Mandarin and several other Northern Chinese dialect. Generally translated as Fuck in English. Chingar or Joder in Spanish. The pronunciation of the letter C in this word is equivalent to the English "ts". So when saying this word, you should pronounce it like "tsao"!

The Chinese character for this word is originally 肏, a pictograph signifying a penis penetrating the butt of a female homo sapiens. However, this awesome character was later abandoned due to some mysterious reasons to 操.

Other variation of this word include "Ca"(tsa).

A:肏! (cao!)
B:No, it's 操!
by Joe the Average December 16, 2016
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Known throughout the world as the coolest person on the face of this earth.
OMG, it's Cao!
by Cao March 02, 2004
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Asian slang word for donkey Rapist.

Is also a slang word in the gay community meaning a dildo for men.
"Hey billy put that caos in me". Said Johnny
by The KlowN July 01, 2010
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A word utilised to demonstrate extreme arrogance in the knowledge of Spanish, when in fact one is writing in a completely different language.
Voy a la playa, cao amigos.
by Dinosir May 10, 2012
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A very dishonest businessman and selfish person.
He's being very Cao about that - not even caring if his wife and kids are killed by feral ghetto residents as long as he gets his money.
by Saeed Al Maktoum July 28, 2010
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