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Mandarin for "fuck"
Mandarin for "grass"
Manderin for a lot of other things
by Mji January 27, 2005
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A word in Mandarin and several other Northern Chinese dialect. Generally translated as Fuck in English. Chingar or Joder in Spanish. The pronunciation of the letter C in this word is equivalent to the English "ts". So when saying this word, you should pronounce it like "tsao"!

The Chinese character for this word is originally 肏, a pictograph signifying a penis penetrating the butt of a female homo sapiens. However, this awesome character was later abandoned due to some mysterious reasons to 操.

Other variation of this word include "Ca"(tsa).

A:肏! (cao!)
B:No, it's 操!
by Joe the Average December 16, 2016
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Known throughout the world as the coolest person on the face of this earth.
OMG, it's Cao!
by Cao March 02, 2004
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caos is the shortened term for 'the chilling adventures of sabrina' a show on Netflix that got cancelled after part 4. The main character of the show is called Sabrina Spellman. She lives in Greendale, near Riverdale and goes to Baxter high. She lives with her aunties Zelda and Hilda, her cousin Ambrose and her familiar (Salem).
person: 'Have you seen caos?'
other person: 'yeah, the ending makes me cry'
person: 'me too'
via giphy
by brinaxspellman February 15, 2021
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Asian slang word for donkey Rapist.

Is also a slang word in the gay community meaning a dildo for men.
"Hey billy put that caos in me". Said Johnny
by The KlowN July 01, 2010
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A word utilised to demonstrate extreme arrogance in the knowledge of Spanish, when in fact one is writing in a completely different language.
Voy a la playa, cao amigos.
by Dinosir May 10, 2012
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