In Mandarin (Chinese for you ignorants) means "fuck your mom" word for word. Very commonly used, Cao can be used as a stand-alone word for fuck. Cao ni ma is most commonly used in Beijing taxis to aid one in reachign their destination.
"Cao ni ma de bi, yi zhi zou, sha bi" -fuck your mother's cunt, go straight you dumb cunt
by number2 October 11, 2005
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literally "Grass Mud Horse" in Chinese, the Cao Ni Ma is a rare species of alpaca. The Grass Mud Horse is said to be the dominant species which lives within the Mahler Gobi Desert (Ma Le Ge Bi).

Variants include the Lush Grass Mud Horse (Wo Cao Ni Ma), which can only eat fertile grass, known as Wo Cao.
Cao Ni Ma 's, or "fuck your mother" in Chinese, inhabit the Mahler Gobi Desert, or "your mother's cunt"

the Lush Grass Mud Horse variant, or "I fucked your mother", eats only fertile grass, or "I fuck"
by Fa Ke You June 6, 2009
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Daniel throws an apple at Tim's phallus
Tim said, "Cao ni ma!" and walked away
by chinknegro June 27, 2018
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it means waddup homie in chinese
Darnelius Jamal James the 3rd : waddup my nigga

retard : cao ni ma
Darnelius Jamal James the 3rd : you wanna gang bang and do drugs?
by wonkydonkybonky September 3, 2023
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Acronym of the chinese pronunciation keys : Cao Ni Ma Bi
pronounced in English ( tsou! nee ma bee)
Literally translates to "fuck your mom's vagina", this is the chinese equivalent of "you motherfucker"
Guy A: Dude, who was that hot asian chick at the party? we hooked up last night
Guy B: Cao ni ma bi! that's my sister!
by patterson wu November 24, 2010
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A Chinese Hokkien phrase which can be translated as "Fuck your mother's pussy".
"Cao Ni Ma Bi ! How dare you try to steal my phone."
by lanadrahrepus May 3, 2019
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