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1 Pronounced T'sow Pee, NOT Cow Pee, first Wei Emperor, son of Cao Cao, Father to Second Wei Emperor, Cao Rui.
2 Character in Dynasty Warriors series by Koei, also appears in Romance of the Three Kingdoms, both book and game.
Cao Pi wears purple.
by KatJoness December 18, 2008
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Not only a writer and poet, but famous warrior. Made his son Emperor but himself stlii only regent.
Cao Pi was very active.
by ishe February 22, 2005
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First emperor of Wei Han China in the second and third centuries. Also a writer and critic.
Cao Pi liked that particular book.
by MaxBrains January 04, 2004
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Cao Pi (oddly enough, pronounced 'cow pee') was the first emperor of the Wei kingdom (located in northern china. Capital at Xu Chang. Western Wei contained Chang An, currently known as Xi'an) in the three kingdoms period of china. He was the son of Cao Cao (slayer of Lu Bu and many others) and husband to many wives, the most notable being Empress Zhen, who he later forced to commit suicide.

Cao Pi died soon after gaining the throne, though, and passed his rank to son Cao Rui, who did a pissant job for the most part.

Cao Pi is remembered throughout China as a tyrant and cold-hearted man. He was written in the book 'Romance of the Three Kingdoms' to have commited atrocious acts, but due to the bias in this book nobody can be sure.

Relatives: Cao Zhen, Cao Zhi, Cao Xiong, Cao Ren, Cao Cao, Cao Rui, Cao Xiu (notable)
Cao Pi, in a plot with another woman, forced Empress Zhen to commit suicide.

Cao Pi is commonly concieved by scholars to have been wronged by Lo Kuan Chung's writings.
by Mike LiYan August 13, 2005
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