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Cantwell is an English surname derived from Kentwell.

The name can be split into the English words "can't" and "well".
By placing the words "do" and "what" between them you can create the phrase "Can't do what well" that is associated with the name for purposes mainly being to make fun of.

Aside from that, those that bear the name Cantwell, be they male or female, tend to be good friends but usually nothing more, unless initially met as a potential significant lover.

Cantwell's tend to be funny, but will over use a joke for attention. The are active individuals that enjoy many sports but also take part in parkour and different forms of martial arts. They posses the basic forms of fear, but will strife to push boundaries and follow the meme "YOLO", which may become annoying at times.

The most significant thing about Cantwell's is there odd affinity for the Asian culture mainly that of Japan.

Something to know about Cantwell's is that family and friends come first, in the case that the matter includes family and friends then family would most likely come first, if threatened Cantwell's will stand there ground.

Cantwell's also believe that the best things in life are free.
Girl1"Who's that?"

Guy1"Oh, that's just my bud Cantwell. Yo Can't do what well, wassup?"

Cantwell"Nothin man just chillin like a boss."

Girl1"Think you could get me with him?"

Guy1"Yeah definitively, he's a great guy, funny and athletic. Also your first date might be a walk instead of a movie."

Girl1"Okay, but what's he doing?"

Cantwell1"YOLO!" Jumps out the window and does a parkour roll, does a flip back through the window and goes back to chillin on the couch.

Guy1"That's nothing to worry about."

Guy2"Yeah just got a new manga!"

Cantwell2"Did somebody say manga?" Jumps down from a window on the second floor.
by Victory-Child-Katsuro July 13, 2012
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