A Canadian. Also known as North American's less trigger happy half.
One who drinks real beer, rules at hockey, invented both basketball and baseball and insists on wearing a Canadian flag while traveling abroad so that someone doesn't mistake them for an American.
by Joe Buggster January 10, 2004
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A Canadian and all that it implies. Usually a raging liberal and coward. A self-conscious prig that is so lost in liberalism that they are incapable of action. A parasitic leach that enjoys the freedom afforded them by better men (their stronger southern neighbors)than themselves.
Damn canook, stay outta our country!
by Ultra Americano April 12, 2009
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Slang for Canadian... generally derogatory… often deserved… Canadians (sigh)… not that we don’t have own fools, but that’s a whole country RUN by them…
"Go BACK to your OWN lousy country, you damn Canook!"
(Actually look at the guy who was backing the Canadian’s up... He likes Hitler... kooks... give me an Aussie (Americans have NO derogatory term for Austrians for a reason) over a Canook any day...)
by Clear and ready October 26, 2003
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A potent, sticky ass marijuana bud that originates in Canada.
That kid Luke got them canooks son. Yo lets get high and watch that wargames movie tonight kid.
by jerem December 12, 2003
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lady of ill repute from Canada, prostitute, hooker from Canada, canadian whore
Wow! Teri, that canooker, made $500 in an hour on the corner of Ontario and Elk drive in Mississauga last night.
by Btchalorette July 20, 2011
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A sex move native to Canada in which the man, dressed as a Mountie,pleasures the female with a hockey stick.
The Canook in Cranny:

Mountie: Arggghh. You like that, eh?
Girl: OOOt YAhh!
by Rosso Bruno April 20, 2008
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