A word which is majorativly used by retards in CounterStrike - although it's use has unfortunatly spread to other FPS (First Person Shooter) games.

It means someone who gets 'lucky'. It is used mostly in situation where a person, considering themselves to be the best on the server (or at least better than the player he just got wasted by) says "Lucker!!!!". It can also be used as an incorrect replacement for "Lucky".
*1337 killed Phe33r with USP*
Ph33r : lol lucker


*1337 killed Phe33r with USP*
Ph33r : lol u got lucker
by SnipaMasta December 29, 2005
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a contraction of the phrase "lucky fucker"
A: dude, I totally hooked up with that chick last night

B: aw, you lucker! I hear she give great head
by inkonthepaper August 10, 2010
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One who are extremely lucky, usually in a FPS game (especially Counter-Strike) by shooting a random shot which kills someone, or killing several people within a short time.
*** luckmaster3000 killed -=(phj33r)=-d00d.own0r with a headshot from m249 ***
*** luckmaster3000 killed ==kthxdie==^w00t4g3 with a headshot from m249 ***
*** luckmaster3000 killed HeatoNWannabE^ with a headshot from m249 ***

-=(phj33r)=-d00d.own0r: WTF fucking lucker
HeatoNWannabE^: omg waht a luckface n00b
by chstrike February 19, 2004
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somone who gets lucky at cs. walks into a huge gang of people and manages to kill them, whereas previousely through the game they couldnt even take a guywith a knife on.
not always well recieved though, very annoying when you are doing really really well on a game and somone cal;s you a lucker just because you killed them.
<<GLA>> HoLsTeR_SmAsH-->PoStAl:timmy
<<GLA>> HoLsTeR_SmAsH-->PoStAl: joent
<<GLA>> HoLsTeR_SmAsH-->PoStAl: weedking
<<GLA>> HoLsTeR_SmAsH-->PoStAl: booyben

Gla you lucker
me: no luck in it m8, im just good

yes <<GLA>> HoLsTeR_SmAsH is me (and the postal is when i fight hackers.
chubby melon is me on xbox live, think your good enough come and get me
by alex weeden May 19, 2004
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Someone with a lot of luck.
Wtf you just made a hole-in-one you fucking lucker!
by .essence June 11, 2007
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The word Lucker is used by Poker players from the Belgium, Holland area of Europe.
Your sucha Lucker, You had nothing.
by Spliffy900 March 30, 2009
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