Candy: Little sweet treats you eat.
Candy can be sour, sweet, or tart.
by Hidden Meany July 2, 2014
Houston sang, for puttin clear coats on the ride
I got the 6 stittn on 24's with that candy paint
by L- Frame October 10, 2003
Extascy, Or a extreme ho that will come home with you after only one or two drinks. Skank, Slut.
Damn, Check that bitch Candy, I didn't even buy her two drinks and she wants to come home so I can put it in her ass. What a slut! I love Candy
by Rob Lussier September 25, 2006
bright candy-lo0kin paint 0n a car
"i g0t dat candy paint drippin 0ff tha frame"
by nisha<3 September 24, 2007
A pussy, a hot girl, or your genitals. Something that is sexually appealing.
Mmmmm...that was some good candy, Jenn.
by Eddie088 November 22, 2003
Slang term for heavy drugs
Can i buy some candy?
by 187 April 5, 2003
usually a feline known to show its bits around town...
hey candy i will leave your money on the table, close the door when you let yourself out
by jim buck jones July 19, 2010