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Insidious chemical strips grafted into a blunt. Savvy stoners unroll a blunt and tear out the cancer papers which are put in the cigars by the producers to control the burn of their products and also to slowly kill their customers.
When Snoop rolled the blunt, he was careful to peel the cancer paper off of the tip.
by Pepper October 17, 2004
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Cancer paper is a supplemental sheet of paper placed inside the cigar to prevent the cigar from disintegrating due to moisture. The paper is made of reconstituted tobacco and is not saturated with cancer-causing agents such as nicotine, as believed by many stoners. Even though the paper is made of tobacco, which can cause cancer, it is not the sole contributor of carcinogenic properties.
Stoner 1: "Aye yo man take out that cancer paper"
Stoner 2: "Thats just a myth bro"
by daholymap November 02, 2015
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Some tobacco rolled in paper. Smoking these cigarettes is a vile habit. It serves no purpose other than to slowly kill the person smoking them.
Wanna catch cancer with me? Let's go take a puff off this cancer paper.
by EyePoker November 11, 2003
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