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Insidious chemical strips grafted into a blunt. Savvy stoners unroll a blunt and tear out the cancer papers which are put in the cigars by the producers to control the burn of their products and also to slowly kill their customers.
When Snoop rolled the blunt, he was careful to peel the cancer paper off of the tip.
by Pepper October 17, 2004

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Stimulation of the male organ by sliding your rod in between a nice huge set of tits until climax
I gave Maria a nice French Fuck in between her huge gazongas. The result was banana juice all over her yapper.
by Pepper November 08, 2004

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1) A gelded feminized male who believes his elitist position in the world, as well as his privileged life makes him the authority on everything.

2) One who believes he is higher and mightier than the rest based on how much his parents spent on his college education.

3) Snob.

The word is mostly used as an insult by real men (even those with a college education) to differentiate between themselves and the castrati.
Vinny: You got a problem College Boy?

Wesley: No, but I am smarter and richer than you.

Vinny: Really College Boy? Then why do I get more trim than you do?

Wesley: What is trim?

Vinny: Exactly my point, College Boy!!!
by Pepper April 20, 2006

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A large slab of cock. Usually a long tubed sexual howitzer of lust accompanied with an undercarriage.
As she pulled the lanyard on my meat cannon, I drenched her face with my gooey gobs of banana juice.
by Pepper November 02, 2004

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Male ejaculant aka CUM.
After I stuck my hairy fuckin' banana in between Maria's jugs, I gave her a pint of banana juice right in her yapper.
by Pepper November 08, 2004

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A euphemism for semen, deposited into the mouth of one adminstering fellatio, usually in the hopes of gaining financial benefit or career advancement.

First used in the January 23, 2002 The Onion article "Who Do I Have to Blow to Win the Bancroft Prize in American History?"
"I was so intent on getting that adminstrative position that I guzzled gallons of Tijuana toothpaste."
"How did someone as dumb as her become Vice President of the company? She must be brushin' with some serious Tijuana toothpaste."
by Pepper February 22, 2005

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Male ejaculant that just needs to be shot out ASAP.
After suffering with blue balls for at least 3 hours, Jennie came over and pulled the lanyard on my meat cannon thus spraying my dick snot all over her succulent breasts.
by Pepper November 02, 2004

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