Cancer is a loving, sweet, considerate, and introverted person. They act tough when really they just want to be loved and be told they are important. They pair mostly with Scorpios or Pisces. Cancers try their best to do everything they can to fit in and act normal when all they want to do is find their true love. When they find that person, nothing else matters besides that.
What’s your sign?

I’m a cancer...
Makes sense
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Someone who whines a lot, rages in ranked and gets kicked from a group
Oh look irtaza group se nikal gaya . Finally our group is cancer free
by Filthyfoe February 04, 2019
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You can drink cancer and it is good but you might get high off of it.
The cancer was delicious but it made my friends act high after wards
by clarith bearith November 16, 2018
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1: n. A disease that is caused when a cell reaches the end of its lifecycle, but refuses to die, cutting off it's connection with the rest of the body acting on its own, multiplying into even more cells that refuse to die, causing the body to try to fight the 'zombie' cells, which is always a vary uphill battle even with treatments.

2: adj. When something is the epitome of human filth.
1: I'm sorry little Jonny, you have cancer.

2: That meme you showed me was pure cancer.
by DeathDragon99a March 12, 2017
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Minecraft, the emoji movie, Ugandan Knuckles meme, Tide Pod meme, and vegans who find any way to tell people that they’re vegan.
Anything listed above. The world should be free of the horrible things listed above. Shit, forgot Roblox. Roblox is cancer too.
by Fuckwad McGee February 15, 2018
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Literally anything on the internet at this point.
Random man with common sense: The most cancerous things in life are """"trends"""" that'll either annoy the crap outta you or kill you to death with 12-years-old boys.
by Volunteer 328 May 27, 2018
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