When Walter found out that Gary spent the rent money on beer and hookers he had a Hairy Canary.
by leahcim September 28, 2005
Not doing anything for a day or for consecutive number of days
I just had a Canary Day weekend.
by Phil Iverson November 26, 2005
A little booger that creates a whistling sound when breathing through your nose.
He had a canary in a goldmine and the noise kept me up all night.
by skychair September 12, 2010
The guy in the office who surfs the web more than anybody else, but nobody complains about him. Because as long as he hasn't gotten fired, you know you are safe, too.
Man, now that Vince quit, who's going to be the new "Internet Canary"?
by TheOriginalBaconSandwich November 13, 2009
ok yellow canaries in the watch, cranberry on the drop, ben and jerrys on the spot.
by Cardan November 17, 2007
Sealing one or both nostrils while voiding excrement in a closed space (as with a finger). Following excretion, the seal is removed. This allows an accurate measure of the space's ambient odor.
"Chicks are the chess of deucin'. Courtesy flushes, lipstick lighters, crap gaskets, digital canary… She presses one nostril shut the whole time, then uses the fresh nostril to gauge things at the end. Like a pregnancy test."
by Enny November 29, 2007
a method for exposing an information leak by giving different versions of a sensitive document to each of several suspects and seeing which version gets leaked.
The government needed to find their employee leaking information to the media so they setup a canary trap by giving each suspected employee a slightly different story.
by Tyson.Mason.1983 August 29, 2019