When your boyfriend dumps you, when you catch him cheating, when you're feeling overly depressed, when you're feeling sorry for yourself, when no one will listen, when you're cat gets run over, or when you just simply want some ice cream, Ben and Jerrys will always be there for you. Always.
by amy, yo August 19, 2007
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An orgasm in a tub. Great for a girlie night in and fantastic for sorting out bad moods! Phish food is the best
God, I'm in a bad mood. Pass me the ben and jerrys
by Beth January 15, 2004
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A gay sex position in which one man is passionately fucked by the other man while eating a pint of Ben and Jerry's.
Dude, Tim and I tried ben and jerrys the other night. And I'm not talking about the ice cream.
by Kappa Beta Jerry's March 01, 2017
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Slang for oral sex, a blow job, BJ, fellatio
Yeah he asked me for some ben and jerry's after school today since I'm ragging it.
by s0repheet January 29, 2009
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Asking for information about a subject, or wanting to know about a situation. Similar to "the scoop"
Person one: I cant believe this is happening to me

Person two: Why whats the Ben and Jerry's?
by Redcoat01 July 01, 2009
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