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Derived from the Oral condition of bad breath - Halitosis - a condition of having fetid breath. Cameltosis is the same condition of the vagina, having fetid, funk of the Camel Toe
Damn dude, that bitch had some kickin' cameltosis.
by Dave January 21, 2005
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When a person has been eating pussy and their breath stinks.
(guy 1) "Dude! You got major Cameltosis... Have a breathmint!"

(guy 2) "sorry man, I picked up this bar-whore and she was dirty as shit."
by Sinful Divinity April 29, 2012
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(n.) medical term.; derived from Latin "cama" for camel, and "tosio" for vagina. Refers to a woman suffering from camel toe.
In her tights, it was apparent that Lindsay had a mild case of cameltosis.
by Matt Holley November 04, 2003
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