A cool guy with a large ass, Diamond hard penis, who gives great "pleasure" to girls. He is strong, smart, athletic, cool, sexy, and nice to most people. He generally has soft hair, and girls want to get in his pants. He is God, not Allah, gahndi, or regular god.
Oh my! Calob, can I touch your penis.
by Blondie69 November 14, 2014
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a really cool guy when you date him and you would never think he would do anything in the world to hurt you because he is so sweet! call him tiger:) his voice on the phone is really sexy, makes me horny. but then hell break your heart leaving you for another girl and tell you he is going to fuck her and laughs and kusses at you all the time:(but he is really cool as a friend to other people as a frind and he always gets in trouble all the time. it wouldnt be like him if he didnt. when you first meet him you will be in love.
wow calob, your so awesome!
i love you calob
by becca XD January 21, 2010
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a stupid guy who calls hiself a hardass. he thinks just because he smokes weed and ciggerates that hes all big and bad, well i have news for him.. pretty much everybody does! so hes just the same! and uh.. he says hell slit your throat? punch you in the mouth? haha seriously dude? why do you keep saying you will, when the truth is.. you've said it a milloin times! god just do already if you got the balls! (which you dont) and uh? most of the time when you try so hard to get in truble, its because of other people and he blames it on hiself to get a rep! and he always saysstuff in his little dorky group just loud enough were they can hear to make him look hard..but he just want say it loud enough for the person to hear because he kknows they could kick his lil panzy ass. hes to much of a sissy to take a hit, hell cry. he pretends he steals stuff just were hed be cool but uh... they pritty much just give it to him! he talks shit behind his exs back thinking shell never find out when she does and then pretends he never said it and wont talk to her about it just because hes to panzy to hear what she has to say about it. he has to have porn on his phone because it aint like hell be able to see any boobs in real life so at least he needs to know what they look like! he has a half inch of cock and 20 feet of bush. youd have to go though a maze with a microscope looking for his "so called cock" wich i dont believe is there. his voice is way to high and sqeaky.
when you always turn him down when he wants to fuck you hell say its ok you would have cryed.. thats just your eyes watering from looking so hard for his cock. but he has to use that excuse to try to find another girl hell never get. he trys to bea gangster with his pants real low... but what i thank hes really doing is trying to air out his fishy vigina! his big lips are perfect for his future boyfriends cock! big enough for it to all fit:) right?:)calob lay is fucking retarded:)
by becca bray and glad to be:) January 25, 2010
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A man with a large cock. Usually goes well with a Johnna. A Calob is a magnet to a Johnna. Super nice body. Usually has jealous ex girlfriends. Deep voice. Large Adam’s apple.
Wow did you see that calob at the party last night. I wanted to hop on his cock all night long. Guess Johnna has a great sex life.
by Kitty-cat88888888 July 07, 2018
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