3rd coast talk for someone spending time with his girl instead of chillin wit his boys
That nigga always likes to cake wit his girl instead of ballin...
by tha_original_jacket July 30, 2006
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Word to express that something is easy.
This is cake, yo.
by kitili December 21, 2003
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it's a lie
I was told there was going to be cake at this party. But I guess everyone lied to me so I would come.
by wpk914 May 14, 2010
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1) (n) A silky-smooth combination of sugar, milk, eggs, and flour baked at 375 for thirty minutes. Covered in frosting and given to beautiful people.
2) (n) A prize; something valuable won by a group.
3. (v) To own.
4. (adj) Weak.
5. (n) Stuff. Used in conjunction with the word "my." "stuff" and "cake" are interchangable.
6. (N) A band. Indie kids like them.
7. (v) to leave, only appropriate as a command and followed by the word "off."
1. My mommy made me a cake :)
2. Oh man, don't even think you're keeping that cake, not the whole hundred bucks. I think about twenty to each of us sounds about fair.
3. ...so he was drivin' past me and I was like, nah, fool, I'ma cake yo ass!
4. Dude, you sleep with her T-shirt? You are such a little pansy! Oh snap, how whipped. That's seriously cake, dude.
5. Stop rummaging through my cake, jerk! Do I need to lock up everything I own?
6. I was gonna go see Cake at Buzzfest, but they were playing with LostProphets. I decided it'd be more fun to eat my own soul.
7. Son, you best cake off. Betta walk right out that door.
by Cap'n Awesome May 13, 2005
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When a female has a very large butt (largrer then normal.)
Nigga did you see that girls ass , she got a cake
by tintinkbabbii November 10, 2010
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A synonym for babe or girl. Cake is used when looking for girls to hook up with, or when describing a girl who would make a good hook up buddy.
She's a real piece of cake.

How was the caking Johnny?
It was great, a found a slice of angel food cake, the only bugger was her pound cake best friend.

Hey Bill, can I have some of your cake?
Sure just make sure you don't get cake crumbs on my couch.

Is that your cake or is it still up for grabs?
by superlaser1 November 15, 2008
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