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An "award" given to people who contribute the most to the evolution of humanity by removing their genes from the gene pool. Sometimes given to people who simply sterilize themselves, but most of the recipiants have ended up dead because of their actions.

Basically, the concept is that people kill/injure themselves to the point where reproduction is no longer possible whilst doing something surrealistically stupid. By insuring that their stupid genes to not spread, they ultimately help humanity and thus recieve an award.

While the concept is funny enough, the actual awards are usually very mean spirited.
Inflamable means flamable? What a country!
by Cap'n Awesome May 17, 2005

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Comes from Starfox 64. A character would command fox to do a barrel roll in order to prevent being shot to deadness.

A barrel roll is when a fighter pilot makes his ship turn over, very quickly, in mid-air. It makes the wings harder to hit.

It's more common practice to shout this phrase at friends while they play video games. Especially if they can't do anything roll-like. The purpose is to be obnoxious, and quote old video games. Two of most peoples' favorite things.
"Son of a white boy, my Sim will not stop crying!"
"Quick, do a barrel roll!"
by Cap'n Awesome August 11, 2006

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Short for "Captain"

Can be accompanied with Awesome.
Crunchitize me, Cap'n!
by Cap'n Awesome May 03, 2005

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1) an adjective describing a person prone to complaining.
2) Somebody who seems determined to gripe.
3) Petulant.
4) Everybody who defined 106,900 Iraqis
I mean they were ALL whiny.
by Cap'n Awesome May 13, 2005

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It means high.

Specifically on weed.
sheeeet i just smoked four bowls im floatin 8)~~~~~~~~~~~~
by Cap'n Awesome April 29, 2005

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Full of awe, or could inspire enough awe to fill. Dispite sounding like awful, it means quite the opposite.
Guy: I just made a submission to urbandictionary.com!
Guy2:Dude, that's aweful!
by Cap'n Awesome April 26, 2005

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An Ipod, or any electronic media player, filled with gigs and gigs of emo, shoegaze, screamcore, or any kind of music assosiated with sad white kids.
He was trying to be friendly, and offered me his Nano, in case there was anything I'd like to listen to. Thirty seconds of scrolling through his cry pod quickly confirmed that we would probably have very little in common.
by Cap'n Awesome August 28, 2006

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