1) A Sweet Pastry
2) Kilo of Cocaine
3) Money
1) Did you see that boy's birthday cake, shit was huge b.

2) Go to the docks and get that cake from them Colombians.

3) Man the only cake you seen was at ya birthday, broke ass chump.
by AC June 6, 2005
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money; usually used to described a large sum
That set of rims on my car cost a lot of cake.
by Son_of_LB May 22, 2005
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Sweat pastry that has the power to bring people together
John: "Hey, today's Bill's birthday."
Bob: "Eh I hate that guy."
John: "There's cake in the break room."
Bob: "I should probably stop by and say hello.
by martyre April 10, 2007
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1) A kilo of cocaine
2) Money
3) Pastry, generally baked in a pan.
4) Something you never actually get in the game Portal.
1) "hey man you get my cake?"
2) "yeah man, you got the cake?"
3) "yeah man i got you a cake... it's filled with ice cream"
4) "The cake is a lie. The cake is a lie. The cake is a lie."
by alienstunt December 22, 2007
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when a girl puts to much makeup on
by $Unkown$ October 26, 2016
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only band that can be so cool despite the fact that the singer sounds so bored
by grisha July 16, 2003
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