in modern slang, a synonym for money
"It ain't my birthday, but I got my name on the cake" or "I'm tryna get that cake"
by just plain jay June 20, 2007
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a term directed at a women with a large ass
Damn, shorty you got a cake!
by da666shedevil April 10, 2011
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having a lot of bling alot of cash showing your dough
What in the world i didnt know that guy had that much cake.

Girl, ya know ya just want the cake.

were going to vegas and i got the cake
by shaun farrell February 16, 2006
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Slang and somewhat cryptic for 'marijuana' or for using marijuana (caking). Used in circles and groups where marijuana is illegal to possess. Can be used in conjunction with other like 'cake' terms and accessories. Useful in situations that legally require the hiding of the intention to 'cake', such as telephone conversations in which the objective is to acquire some cake.

('Baker' - refers to a person who may sell or distribute cake.)

('cake-pan' may refer to the instrument in which the cake is baked.)

('cake-on-my-face' refers to someone who has eaten their share of cake and is beginning to show obvious signs of having recently eaten cake... i.e. "cake-eyed", or "birthday caked")

It is interesting and noteworthy to mention that the term 'baker' can also be used to identify the person who consumes the cake... meaning 'Whoever baked it caked it.', however it is most often used to identify the provider of cake provisions for a fee that is not unlikely to produce buyer's remorse... an emotional response to buying overpriced 'fancy' cakes or accessories.

The term 'hunger' when used in conjunction with 'cake' refers to the effect of the cake on the eater. If a caker is full of cake, he or she has had enough to eat and is thereby full of cake. If cake-hunger persists after a caking has taken place, a brief to moderate waiting period may be observed to ascertain the quality of the said cake... but in most cases a second helping of cake will stave off hunger and provide the desired fullness.
"I need to get caked, bad!"

"Man, I was so damn 'caked' last night I shat my pants up in 'ere."

"Shit, I am out of cake! Call up the baker so we's a get s'more sweet-ass Betty Crocker, bitches."

"That cake wasn't as filling as it should have been. Let's bake up anotha."
by chrychek November 20, 2006
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1:to talk on the phone with a certian secial someone, late at night.

2: to make sweet-talk.
1: Jimmy and I are going to cake tonight.

2: stop caking,you dont mean it!
by rawrrc[l]ickk December 15, 2009
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it a word used for a girl that has a fat ass.
"yo she got the mean cake"
by Victoria227 July 14, 2008
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A gay person also referred to as fag,sissy, and more
by myron allen April 26, 2005
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