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That lingo won't have a baby.
by alienstunt September 24, 2010
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1) A kilo of cocaine
2) Money
3) Pastry, generally baked in a pan.
4) Something you never actually get in the game Portal.
1) "hey man you get my cake?"
2) "yeah man, you got the cake?"
3) "yeah man i got you a cake... it's filled with ice cream"
4) "The cake is a lie. The cake is a lie. The cake is a lie."
by alienstunt December 22, 2007
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Short for "I'm going to"

Which had recently been reduced to "I'm gunna"

1. Aymunna go to bed.

2. Aymunna sleep.

3. Aymunna eat some dinner, lemme hit you back girl.
by alienstunt March 20, 2009
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Last time I was a the nursing home I saw a dude with creamed corn rows.
by alienstunt August 9, 2007
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A "religion" created by a higher-minded teenager.
(AIM me: Alienstunt)
The religion is a willing and non-restricted religion with only these guidelines:
- No one piece long sleeved shirts (unless they have buttons)
- There is no "superior being" only you discovering your superior self
- Nothing is rejected from reality unless proven against and keep an open mind for new things to become reality
- We (me at the moment) accept all races and sexual orientations
- You may celebrate all holidays from other religions
- You can have your own theory of what happens after death, because anything really could happen
- Sex is acceptable before marriage, but it's up to you to deal with the consequences
- Always be alert, monitor your surroundings to a certain extent- Please use common sense

"With perseverance you can discover any truth"
-That is the base of my religion, I don't deny anything from existence, but instead I just want people to figure out for themselves if it's real.
I've converted and now I now follow unnecessarianism.
by alienstunt June 29, 2007
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A polish person agreeing.
Ya-ya, zhat is good chokolate.
by alienstunt June 29, 2007
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