A caka it's the most beautiful and hot person. The caka type of people can fuck anytime with who tf they want to. A caka it's a very hot person, but also a very smart one.
-Who's the new girl?She's so hot!
-Ik! She's a totally caka!
by nono doom September 15, 2017
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The cakas is a type of cake you eat when you have a really bad day. It must be eaten with the dead arm of a girlfriend or a duck leg.
-Antonio, you sister is dead!

-Cool! Let's eat a cakas.

(At this example, Antonio was his sister's boyfriend)
by Paco Candela August 8, 2020
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"Dazai look out! Theres a caca in front of you!"
"Oh my! Thanks Atsushi! What a sussy caka"
by M41DB0Y May 25, 2021
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While taking a shit and having someone of the opposite sex during sex squeeze your shit in there hands while they orgasm
Yo while i came in that bitches face i had her do a Caka squeeze
by John the dope boy March 8, 2009
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Caka is poop, its another word for the word poop most 10 year olds use.
person one : what did u have for dinner last night?
person two: Caka.

i just took a big fat Caka.
by crusty socks♥ August 31, 2022
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