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When you get hit really hard at the base of your arm and the whole thing goes numb.
Also an amusing game which basically involves a sucker punch in an attempt to kill the other person's arm. Success is met with much hilarity among tards, and wild exclamations of "dead arm".
liek omg dood, my arm is teh dead!

by Johnny the Homicidal Maniac April 13, 2005
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To punch someone in the arm very hard causing them to experience much pain. Exessive punching may cause black or purple colored bruises on the arm region. Two(2) dead arms may be given if the person recieving the dead arms flinched when the puncher began to punch the first person. This situation is called "two fer' flinchin'".
Nick gave Chatty a dead arm after he made a stupid joke. Nick gave Chatty a second dead arm after he took Nicks seat. Nick continued giving Chatty dead arms for each time Chatty made a stupid comment resulting in Chatty's badly bruised arm. Chatty is in much pain...ow.
by CheddarBoFetta July 03, 2007
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A friend's partner who is a financial, emotional, and social drain, usually without being intelligent, or even attractive. A dreaded leech, who serves as an entourage unto him/herself.
He/she's not bringing the dead arm again, is he?
by dodie451 October 15, 2010
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