A caffein fiend! Someone who cannot stay awake without caffeine.
I have to take a caffeine pill every morning, or I'll go back to sleep. {Socket face} Oh my dog, I must be a caffiend!
by Beach & Bong December 26, 2006
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A hybrid between the two words Caffeine and Fiend (as in crack fiend). Your typical Caffiend is characterized by one or more of these behaviors.

1. They will get extremely irritable if denied their daily dose of coffee, tea, soda, or any other products that contain caffeine.

2. In addition to the above behavior, some caffiends may find themselves spending large amounts of their income on all manner of energy drinks, no doz, and other products with higher concentrations of their favorite drug, in an attempt to find more energy and vigor, as their tolerance for caffeinated beverages has by this time almost certainly rendered all but the most powerful sources useless in their never-ending thirst for the next best pick me up.

3. Going without sleep and replacing it with caffeine is probably the most common sign that you or someone you know is or is becoming a caffiend.
Office employee A : "Jeez, Timothy looks like he hasn't slept for days!"

Office employee B : "He hasn't. Each morning he comes into work, heads to the break room, and drinks the whole pitcher full of coffee! What a caffiend!"

Office employee A : " Your telling me"
by SpudTheCrud November 23, 2013
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by Magic Hobo March 20, 2005
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1 - A person hopelessly addicted to caffeine

2 - A person who has consumed caffeine to the point of becoming non-functional
1 - "Dude, it's 10am and that's like your fifth cup of coffee!" "I know, I'm a caffiend and cannot function without it."

2 - "Dude! Did you see Rhonda? She talking 93 mph and started dancing in her cube!" "Yeah... She's a caffiend today."
by Mighty Wombat September 13, 2013
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the absolute need for caffeine intake. normally occurs in the morning before anything deemed productive can take place.
Khump: "i can't concentrate right now, i'm totally caffiending"

BLaz: "get out of my office and go to the starbucks across the street"
by Khump January 5, 2011
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Individual, usually male, who will drink coffee, energy drinks, or soda in great excess and/or every chance he or she has. Motivation for such actions could be chemical dependency on caffeine, or the desire to seem "hard-core" by being seen drinking energy drinks.
John: Jeez, my brother drinks like two 12-packs of soda in one sitting.
Jake: What a freaking caffiend.


James: Why is Jason always carrying a can of Monster to class?
Derek: 'Cuz he's a caffeind, dude.
by shemptastic September 1, 2009
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To need some sort of a caffiene fix
Dude, this hangover has got me caffiending
by Penny89 September 5, 2009
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