Correctional officer.

Used by inmates, and C.O.'s alike.
Aye, C.O.! Can't a mutha fucka get some mo' toilet paper?
by Alex Cuellar April 3, 2008
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Correctional Officer. A Prison Guard. Earn around $40,000 a year.
Example:What do you call a man who failed his police test and now earns less than a mailman. A C.O

by Prison Break Addict May 5, 2007
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The process of buyin a Carry Out from an off licence/ liqour store and then drinking it either on the street or in a house with no parents. A c.o is a much cheaper way of gettin drunk that buyin more expensive drinks inside the clubs or bars
Hey man whats the plan for tonite?
We'r gonna go get a c.o and drink it in the park before hitten the clubs
by Micky Wo December 5, 2009
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The act of buying, and then consuming alcoholic beverages prior to entering a pub or bar, thereby saving money and aquiring a good deal of courage. Usually buckfast tonic wine is the drink of choice.

Carry out scene = C.O scene

PERSON 1---"Yo mate you goin for a C.O scene before we hit the town?"
PERSON 2---"Aye s'pose so man. What d'ya fancy gettin? Im sick gettin wine"(Buckfast tonic wine)

enter the off licence......

after looking at the range of alcohol for five minutes.....

PERSON 1---"Wine it is then?"
PERSON 2---"Hmm.....aye.....nothin better I s'pose!!!"
by Kunstable August 6, 2007
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The Big Cookie Overrun. A fat computer nerd.
If I gained 300 pounds and learned fortran I would be The Big C.O.
by John French July 9, 2004
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A place full of regular normal people mixed in with, racists, nazis, liberals, leftists, communists, republicans, democrats, art kids, band kids, emo kids, LGBTQIA kids, and choir kids. Mainly known for its outstanding honors band, and great boys, and girls athletes.
Jason: “Man! Them Nederland C.O Wilson kids are sure good!”

Tommy: “On baby bro.”
by Mrcold April 29, 2022
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