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Theodore "T-Bag" Bagwell is a character on Prison Break played by Robert Knepper. Incarcerated for 40 counts of kidnapping, rape and murder, T-Bag is held at Fox River Prison in Chicago.
He is loved for his dark side and witty sense of humour
Example 1:T-Bag: What's that smell? Smells like....conspiracy
Example 2:T-Bag: Did I say you could talk cherry? You'll know when I want you to open your mouth.
by Prison Break Addict May 5, 2007
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The player with the most amount of different coins or notes is deemed the banker. Bets are put on the ground infront of the player and the banker rolls the dice. The score he/she gets has to be beaten by the other players, unless the banker gets 3,2,1 in which he pays all players equal of their bet or if the banker rolls 4,5,6 "C-Low" all players give their bets straight to the banker. After the banker rolls, the players take turns to beat the bankers score. If they do the banker must pay equal of the bet, if they don't then the bet goes to the banker. "666" is the highest number in the game, but it is second only to 4,5,6 known as "C-Low"
1-2-3 is the enemy, you never wanna see em again
6-6-6 is the devils mix, and in this games the devils your friend
4-5-6 makes you king of the roll, then you take in all the dough
cause the only way to beat the devils mix is 4-5-6 C-low!
by Prison Break Addict May 7, 2007
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Correctional Officer. A Prison Guard. Earn around $40,000 a year.
Example:What do you call a man who failed his police test and now earns less than a mailman. A C.O

by Prison Break Addict May 5, 2007
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