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Keven is the most caring person ever. His hazzle eyes get the girls attention. It is easy for girls to fall inlove with him. He is the kindest guy ever. He can be wierd but its funny to the girls. He is the best boyfriend you can ever have. Every girl dies for a guy like keven. He can make you have a smile on for days. His smile is the most beautiful thing ever. Girls go crazy for that smile. Whoever has keven is the luckiest girl
Keven? Keven is one of the cuttest guys in school
by Jelelrlele May 20, 2018
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A freaking boss,he is loyal to the end, he gets the girls all over him like oil to a pan UNLIKE ANYBODY ELSE but can't date them,he is sexi boss and tall, a conversation starter, He is the leader of his friends and is always there for them..Arguably the funniest guy on the planet huge calfs,biceps,but man titties,He is strong,fast,and smart.And could get any girl to suck his snobjockey,but can't get any girl to date him. HE IS A SEXI BOSS OVERALL
by juicejuicegirly November 14, 2013
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How an illiterate idiot will usually spell the name Kevin
Person 1: "hay keven"
Kevin: "Dude its spelt Kevin"
by Kevdogs August 30, 2010
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very sexually active, loves sarcasm, has giant wenis, and a giant shlong. giant chickes are the best for stews.
by k.a.b April 15, 2008
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Keven is one of the dumbest, but most caring people on earth he mostly has brown or pitch-black eyes with dark hair and wears red hoodies all day until he sweats. sometimes he might date someone who likes hugging or that likes anime or the letter L in there name. he likes annoying people he is secretly the most popular boy in school most people think that he should break up with his girlfriend.
Keven is SO cute
But he is dating Lilliana
by Coolman3425 September 17, 2019
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one of the biggest knob jockeys going. A total dropkick. Keven's are pyschotic woman bashers who blame their actions on anyone or anything except themselves. keven's may seem caring but under that caring attitude really lies ulterior motives they are always scheming. keven's are attention seekers always trying to make others feel sorry for them, they may claim the world is against them, everybody hates them, constant claims of self harm and suicidal tendencies all designed to make you fall into their trap.
beware of that pschyo keven, never trust a keven you will inevitably fall into his web of deceit and betrayal.
by beware of the web of deceit November 23, 2011
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