another word for bitch but different spelling. I think its just Louisiana that spells bitch like that
by babykayyyyy May 28, 2020
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Hey you and Tiffany still talk”
“Yeah that’s my bx”😏
by 123Slangmaster December 07, 2020
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"We from the BX Borough, Bronx New York" - Fat Joe
by jersey kid February 09, 2008
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short for the bronx used in lean back by fat joe
yo that cat he from the bx
by Tmaass December 01, 2004
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An abreviation of The Black Sheep in Springfield, IL, which is a DIY music space founded in 2005. It is a rad, positive enviorment and the people who hang out there look out for each other.
dude, let's go down to the BXS and see a show
by xJulesx217 January 16, 2010
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An abbreviated version of Base Exchange, the official department store of the United States Air Force. It is essentially the same as the PX, or Post Exchange, but to reduce the amount of small meaningless disputes between military brats of which is the correct form, all of the locations on Air Force and Army vases are being renamed to just “Exchange”, or The X.
I’m heading over to the bx to pick up some nails.
by Bionodroid July 29, 2019
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