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bweeb: a greased fuckflap who measures his hobby in miles ridden instead and twisties (a bweeb term meaning curves) of just fuckin riding for the enjoyment. he/she spends $1000's to make a harley 10mph faster, loves pics of fat saggy wimmin, uses a doorag to keep a toupe on, shits on friends, throws any help given in the face of those helped, endlessly debate the wonders of chrome, considers bike night to be a religous experience, think riding to a dealership and standing around drinkin free coffee and eating donuts to be the epitome of the lifestyle, owns 200 harley shirts can't change their own oil, debate the merits of the yellow floor jack over the red one, speak of the 1%er lifestyle as experts, always back the gang in blue, in general do their very best to try and buy the accouterments they think give them the inside track on what used to be a lifestyle only enjoyed by those who care about fittin in. never understanding that the biker lifestyle used to mean a break from conformity and convention, not a return to it. they're hilarious to observe in their natural element which is a drivin need to fit in somewhere.
they are the fuckin dregs of society
What a BWeeB, bragging that he has 6000 miles on his 5 year old bike
by unklekronik April 06, 2010
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The rear & side portions of the heel of the foot between the horizontal load bearing bottom and the vertical. This part of the foot cracks and becomes painful if the dead skin is not removed. Condition exacerbated in people that normally wear boots/shoes and then wear open heeled footwear in a hot dry climate.
Girl: My bweebs hurt, I need to get a pedicure.
Guy: There is bweeb-stone in the shower.

"I need to de-bweeb my feet."
by LongRangeLeebs May 03, 2009
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it is bitch mixed with dweeb.

or simply put; bitch+dweeb=bweeb.

credits to S.D. and S.D. for coming up with this during one late night on facebook.
"omg man, you're such a bweeb!"
by coolerxthanxwaffles January 19, 2010
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A game of chess in which all the pieces are bishops placed on alternating colors disallowing the taking of any pieces.
Monopoly sucks. Let's go play Bweeb!
by MrSpooty November 02, 2010
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