Term used to describe doing something you don't want to do, getting a bad deal, or just getting screwed in general. It refers to the act of eating a donut off of a fully erect penis. The act provides pleasure to the donut bearer while humiliating the donut eater.
Driving instructor: Hey bud, you didn't park between those cones.

Trainee: Come on man! I really need this job.

Driving instructor: Well bud, you're goin to have to eat the donut if you want driving privileges.

Aaron: Nice motocycle Kevin. How much did you pay for it?

Kevin: Uhhhhh..$4500.00. Ain't it

Aaron: Wow. You really ate the donut on that deal!

Mark: Did Dr. Lowe give you that promotion yet or what?

Henry: No. He said it would be ANOTHER month. I've been working here 12 hours a day 6 days a week plus I went to his house and fixed his lawnmower, camper, and his brother's rotor tiller.

Mark: Man, you've really had to eat the donut to get this promotion.
by Gimp daddy November 26, 2013
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The act of consuming ones anus. An act of sheer flexibility.
The other day during yoga, I got to eat my donut.
by Peaches Brother August 04, 2013
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created by the person above...BAD comeback to your mom or your face...it's for people that are just stupid and dont know how to insult with something good like you mom.your face...or just stupid people
person 1- that's ugly
person 2- your mom's ugly
person 1- your face is ugly
person 2- your mom's face is ugly
person 1- GO EAT A DONUT
persons 2 to 6 billion-...that was the most retarding thing ever...
person 1- so...

person 1 ends up crying and running away...not person 2...
by jensena xD December 23, 2005
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this phrase was created by Steve (Stefan) of Atlanta, Georgia. something as an insult instead of always using your mom or your face. inspired by your mom, your face, and the simpsons.
Ex: 1

person 1: your fat
person 2: your mom's fat
person 1: your face is fat
person 2: GO EAT A DONUT!
person 1: .......(cries and runs away)

Ex: 2

(person 2 comes back)

person 2: your mom's fat.
person 1: go eat a donut u fat piece of s**t!!
person 2: .......(cries and runs away...again...)
by steve k. December 09, 2005
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When you blow clean, thick, smoke rings and then bite them out of the air again
I blow the thickest smoke rings with this new bong, it makes eating donuts so much more fun bong smoke rings smoke
by Wolf of Ireland March 22, 2016
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