Butts Up is played with a ball (such as a tennis ball) on a paved surface against a wall.

The object of the game is to be the last player remaining in the game after all other players are out.


1) The first player starts the game by throwing the tennis ball against the wall with having the ball hit the wall without hitting the ground first.

2) After the ball makes contact with the wall and bounces off the ground at least once, any of the players may then try to catch the ball. If catcher mishandles the ball and the ball touches the ground, the catcher must try to touch the wall before another player fields and throws the ball against the wall. If the ball touches the wall before the catcher, the catcher is out and must face various consequences.

3) If the ball is caught before hitting the pavement, the thrower is penalized with one “out”. After three outs a player leaves the game.

4) If the thrower’s ball bounces before hitting the wall, the thrower must run to the wall and touch the wall before an opponent can pick up the ball and throw it to the wall.

5) If the original thrower doesn’t make contact with the wall before the ball reaches the wall, the original thrower is out.

6) If the thrower reaches for the ball, but has it bounce off his fingers and onto the pavement, this counts as missing the throw, and he must run to the wall.

AKA - "Fumble," "Butt Ball," "Asses Up," "Suicides," "Wall Ball," "Off the Wall"

(rules may vary)
Tim: Hey man, want to play butts up?
Jon: Yea, sure. But don't we need more people?
Tim: Yea, I'll go find more.
Jon: Me too.
by TheChosen November 18, 2009
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A type of shorter-all with straps tight enough to raise the posterior accompanied by a deep v-cut on the front and/or back side
Given his low budget, Brian was forced to wear his denim butt-ups & a tie (no shirt otherwise) to his sister's wedding.
by Websterman January 30, 2016
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1.)When your underwear gets entrapped in the crack of your ass. Also see Wedgie

2.)What a male might say after sexual foreplay just before intercourse when the female asks "How do you want it?"
d1.)Whenever I wear boxer briefs I always tend to get a butt up.

d2.)Female says: "How do you want it?" The male replies, "Butt up!"
by Comkind October 16, 2007
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The act of laying on your back on a bed while feet are touching the ceiling.
Hey Bre watch, I can do a butt-up and touch my feet to the ceiling! lets call it butt-uping
by Brallie January 21, 2013
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When a person is sick and when they go to use the bathroom to take a dump, a sudden urge of vomiting arise and with no to wipe, flush, and pull your pants up, they get on their knees and vomit with their naked butt up in the air.
My mom caught me in the bathroom with butt-up syndrome. She asked me "Saba why do you have your pants down when you are vomiting" I replied, "Because I didn't have time to wipe and pull them up!"
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A cute and charming phrase finished by..."that's the way we like to fuck!" Of indeterminate origin and little utility.
When viewing a passed-out chick at a frat party with her face burried in the couch:

"Heads down, butts up! That's the way we like to fuck!"
by Rogaine_God December 29, 2004
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