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A verbal fortress one builds around onesself consisting of the word "but" to forgo or avoid doing something or going somewhere.
Dan would have gone waterskiing with us, but he whipped his usual buttress of excuses at us.

Mary's concocted a very shrewd buttress to get her out of her blind date with Dan.
by MikeC16958 March 13, 2008
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1. a pejorative referrring to an undesirable person

2. an obscure object on which to climb in Tomb Raider: Underworld.

3. a type of root structure found on some rainforest trees

4. a support found on the side of tall buildings
1. "give me anymore of that gibberellins and i'll slap ye, ya fucking Buttress"

2. *you need to climb on the buttress...*
".................................................what the fuck is buttress?"

3. "whooooa!! check out those sexy buttress roots on that tree"

4. "my treehouse fell down 'cause some johnny wanker nicked my buttress. i'm gonna put gibberellins in his petrol tank"
by gibberellins January 14, 2009
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