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1. To cause a software or hardware malfunction in an electronic device by pressing an unknown combination or sequence of buttons. Sometimes this can be caused by someone running their fingers across the buttons on the front of a device or just mashing the buttons.

2. To exercise proficiency in a particularly awkward method of entering data into an electronic device. For instance, using a Playstation 3 controller quickly enough to have a chat session or surf the web with ease. Another example would be using a cell phone without a full qwerty keyboard to text prolifically.
1. Todd buttonfucked the microwave now its stuck in the clock setting mode.

2. Doug, why don't you just marry your PS3 you buttonfuck that thing to death anyway.
by Winkworth April 25, 2011
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When one is so horny and desperate they dry fuck thier button up jeans until the buttons pop off.
OMG! Jordan buttonfucked himself out of his jeans.
Dude your buttons are undone have you been buttonfucking?
by ms.blunt and son January 06, 2011
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