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the greatest substance known to man
"Bomb ass pussy
Ma ooh you got that bomb, know you got it
Ma ooh, you got some bomb ass pussy
Ma I know you got that bomb bomb pussy" --- Snoop Dogg, Holidae Inn
by Skario November 13, 2004

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Williamson-Dickie Manufacturing Company is the official name for this popular clothing brand. Originally meant (and still used) for work environments, such as for a mechanic, however, today many people of different believes and backgrounds are clad in Dickies, such as kids in full dickies outfits (at school for example). Also, it is very popular in schools in the Philadelphia region of Pennsylvania.
"Tight dickies shirt with a pop top button" --- Babs (of Da Band), Hold Me Down

"Yeah, got my root beer dickies on" --- Mannie Fresh (of Big Tymers), No Love

"Philly spitters rock Dickies and boots" --- Elliot Ness (of Da Band), Do You Know


In Philly, where I be reppin, catz alwayz thugged out in dickies.
by Skario April 30, 2004

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To jack yourself off after letting your hand go numb: see example below
Dave Chappelle, in "A Moment in the Life of Lil' Jon" skit, calls up the real Lil' Jon and he says "I like to sit on my hands and wait til they get numb, and then masturbate myself...I call that THE STRANGER"
by Skario October 19, 2004

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Bringin ya whole crew
Ayo, got beef wit me nigga? Come ta ma hood squad deep.

Watch ya bac nigga, 5-0 comin in squad deep.
by Skario May 08, 2004

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Long sleeve dress shirts with french-style cuffs, usually found in striped patterns and vibrant colors

often worn by pimps; also, replaced throwback jerseys
"can't let a day go
ride without me being fly fresh to death
head to toes till the day I rest
and I don't wear jersey's
im 30 plus
gimmie a crisp pair of jeans
nigga button up's
S.Dot's on my feet
make a sight complete
what more can I say Guru play the beat" --- Jay-Z, What More Can I Say
by Skario December 22, 2004

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Division of the rap industry label, Rocafella (Jay Z's label). State Property members are all originally from Philly. See below for its members.
Oschino & Sparks
Young Gunz (Young Chris and Neef)
Peedi Crakk

(Also the leader of State Property is South-Philly native, Beanie Sigel (Dwight Grant)
by Skario May 12, 2004

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In reality, the above definition is wrong, where "Eight Mile" is not a term to describe a "wanksta" but rather a name of a road in Detroit, Michigan. The way it is used above was most probably obtained after watching the movie "Eight Mile", which follows a young white male trying to make it in the rap music industry. Eight Mile Road is the official name of the street in Detroit, and it is supposedly known to segregate between whites and blacks of Detroit (either race is not supposed to cross it--border of each race's territory).
Eninem plays the young white male "Rabbit" in the movie Eight Mile.

White male #1: I want some beer from that store across Eight Mile, but they wouldn't let me in.

White male #2: Yo, didn't you know that the other side of the Mile is not permitting white folk? Just stick to this side.
by Skario April 19, 2004

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