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"I need an around the way girl
Around the way girl
That’s the one for me
She’s the only one for me
I need an around the way girl
(you got me shook up shook down shook out on your loving)"
by Skario October 21, 2004
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Long sleeve dress shirts with french-style cuffs, usually found in striped patterns and vibrant colors

often worn by pimps; also, replaced throwback jerseys
"can't let a day go
ride without me being fly fresh to death
head to toes till the day I rest
and I don't wear jersey's
im 30 plus
gimmie a crisp pair of jeans
nigga button up's
S.Dot's on my feet
make a sight complete
what more can I say Guru play the beat" --- Jay-Z, What More Can I Say
by Skario December 22, 2004
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Where one pulls out their collar so that it faces upwards instead of folded inward; a sign that they are a str8 up pimp
"I'll pop you punk niggaz like I pop my collar" --- 50 Cent, Poppin' Them Thangs
by Skario April 30, 2004
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Miami-based manufacturer of the popular, highpowered, and inexpensive firearm known as "Tec(h) 9" or "Tec(h)"

Officially known as TEC-DC9 (with many variations such as TEC-DC9K and TEC-DC98)
Due to the above criteria (inexpensive, powerful), the Tech 9 (TEC-DC9) is very popular among criminals and gangstas

However, powerful does not mean accurate (meaning that the weapon is high inaccurate, but still cheap enough for a gangsta to acquire
by Skario October 15, 2004
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Da greatest city on da east coast
Famous fo cheese steaks (fuck all hataz dat copy da philly cheese steak name, aint no one do it lyke we do it)

Ya boi reign from da city of illadelph

2-1-5 ya heard
by Skario October 14, 2004
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