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slang for buttocks, particularly if the buttocks of reference are teeny tiny or particularly cute.
The teeny kitteh fell asleep face down in a bowl full of honey with his tocks sticking in the air. I fell over from the cuteness!
by Hexamillion April 12, 2007
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To begin the partaking of alcoholic beverages....tick tock wine o'clock.... you will at first "tick" as a preamble to tocking....
I have tocked!
by Tocker September 20, 2013
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An insult used commonly in plase of Bitch, Douch, Jerk, and or dickhead. Derived from Shit(Tocky mushrooms) first used in Spy Kids 1. Then it became bitchtocky mushrooms after the need for an excuse for more explicit words, now it is just tock.
You ate the last packet of my ramen noodles, you mother fuckin tock!
by Liam Griffin September 05, 2008
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