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Lupin - "You always have been and you always will be a BUTT TRUMPET. You know why? Cause YOU'VE got a trumpeting BUTT!"

::makes farting sounds::
by litchick48 July 26, 2010
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Sound (farting) emitted from rectal area resembling that of the brass instrument.
My family has musical talent. Mother plays the BUTT TRUMPET every morning. Father is especially good playing the base.
by rrrwethereyet May 19, 2011
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A follower who farts back the idiotic words of Donald Trump
Republican butt Trumpets beat up protesters outside the White House saying it was ok to do so because the protesters were Mexican
by DragonsDream November 23, 2016
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VERB: The act of farting when sitting on the toilet. The design of the toilet acts as am amplifier and makes the fart louder.
I was playing the butt trumpet yesterday after eating all that chili.
by habanaro May 26, 2010
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