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Two very close friends that spend a lot of time together, and are rarely seen apart from each other.
"They are butt buddies."
by Jesse February 18, 2005
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A slang usage to define two gay guys having anal sex with each other.
See also Butt-pal
That must be Chris' butt-buddy, they look sexually attracted to each other.
by samiam6977 February 01, 2009
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a negative term to describe a friend's friend who does him in the butt.
Hey, Frank wheres your butt buddy today?
by dude April 05, 2003
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A term used to describe very very very close friends of the same sex. Almost as if they were gay but they certainly aren't gay. Often seen together 24/7.
Dude, I see you and Sean together all the time; are you guys like butt buddies now?!
by ScubaThugSteve December 11, 2006
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a term coined for gay marriage in south park county colorado
Governor: I believe that I might have come up with a compromise to this whole problem that will make everyone happy! People in the gay community want the same rights as married couples, but dissenters don't want the word 'marriage' corrupted. So how about we let gay people get married, but call it something else? You homosexuals will have all the exact same rights as married couples, but instead of referring to you as 'married,' you can be “butt buddies”. Instead of being 'man and wife,' you'll be “butt buddies”. You won't be 'betrothed,' you'll be “butt buddies”. Get it? Instead of a 'bride and groom,' you'd be “butt buddies”.
by Frogz February 19, 2006
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An "old school" Biker term for any male who packs on the back of another guy's bike for ANY reason than an ABSOLUTE EMERGENCY!
Those weekend warriors are so lame as thinkin' nothin' of ridin' Butt Buddy!
by Grizzly IX September 01, 2006
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