A type of zit that has no center, doesn't come to a head so you can pop it and hurts like a bitch. It just sits there under your skin as a red mean little bump.
Oh how sad you have a butch, those really suck and hurt alot
by DreamLove December 05, 2010
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a alcohalic man who unforinitly is a piece of shit and dosnt no it. no one likes him even his family he is a volgure asshole that no one will ever associate them self with. he is willing to work for alcohal adn drinks so much that they are shit facede 24 hours a day 7 days a week and will have beer in hand for the whole day. he will also treat anyone he meets like shit and thinks it ok
by clelticsforlive December 13, 2009
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the ultimate next best thing, one is butch when they are smoking hot and excellent at everything they do. It can also be used to describe one's general feelings about an awesome experience as in a great night out. This word can also be used as a verb if you are talented enough.
(adj) Lyndsay that skirt is so hot, you're looking so butch right now....
(verb) I can't wait to butch the night up.
by ButchMasterK July 11, 2010
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A masculan woman who is hairy, also looks like a mountain man or redneck might have motherd a douchebag or white trash with a lesbian partner.
Man, Kevin Federline must have butch moms, only butch could give birth to that much douche.
by g-ratt November 27, 2005
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A little fat son of a bitch

A person who works at a hardware store
"Hey did you See that butch that hardware store"
"yea your right he is a little fat son of a bitch"
by Timajdkjakjdkljfaf February 28, 2009
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