A very dyke-ish lesbian. They usually dress in army pants and where mens boots and mens shirts. The butch lesbo is also characterized by a butch job haircut. Just like Howie Long's hair style on a woman.
My better half and I went to the County Fair yesterday. It must of been Lesbian Day at the County Fair. I have never seen so many Dyke-ish looking chicks before in my life. This one "lady", who was very butch, cut in front of my ass in the deep fried banana line. I said to her, "hey dyke bitch,your dyke ass just cut in front of me"! She proceeded to kick me in the nuts. Despite the pain I said to myself all bets are off and i dropped her with a nasty left hook. I dont normally hit women but this chick certainly deserved it.The cops came and fortunately arrested the dyke bitch who assaulted me !st......YIPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Donald Cowboy Cerrone January 31, 2018
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bad ass. A savage ,a genuine one of a kind. History In the making. The father of nitro boron
Butchie bad ass can I have your autograph.
by Butch1990 January 13, 2017
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