A word used to nullify all words preceding it in a sentence.
I don't want to be a problem but...
I'm not one to say things like this but...
I don't want to bother you but...
You know I love you but...
by (EAK) August 10, 2013
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A further bastardisation of the word buddy or bud. The welsh pronounciation the word bud delivers such abruptness on the D it is magically transformed into a letter never heard before by man. It is so mysterious that all one can hear after the clear "uh" sound of the word is silence due to the incapability of the non-welsh human mind to properly process such a sound. It's closest relative is the letter 'T'. The letter 'T' is therefore acceptably substituted until the rest of the human race is at such a stage that they may understand and therefore develop a symbol for such a letter.
Hey Dave, hows it going?

Good, you alright but?
by TheWelshman July 10, 2012
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Something said to imply the before sentance wasn't worth saying!
by Schlee September 27, 2003
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used as a greeting in parts of south wales(espescially beddau llantwit and ponty,it is meant to mean mate.
walking down a street.
freind, aquaintence,total stranger walks down the other side of street.
you:arite but!
freind, aquaintence,total stranger:ai!
both walk off
by matt March 27, 2005
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