I've finished making instrumentals for my record label now its time to get my bustle on and mingle with some artists.
by Intelligent Thinker October 2, 2012
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excited and often noisy activity; a stir
Hustle and bustle are like my right and left arms.
by living_elegy920 April 29, 2005
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to dispute the terms of an established agreement and refuse to fulfill one's end of the bargain; especially a business agreement.
"We finished his web site, only for him to bustle out of the deal by saying it wasn't what he wanted."
by Alvin Mason March 30, 2006
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1.) To move very quickly from one place to another.
2.) To run in an odd fashion w/ arms flinging and legs flopping about.
Cristen bustled to her locker to grab her book before the bell rang for school.

Harv and Ragan had a head on collision due to their extreme bustling.
by Laura aka Harv October 24, 2005
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Similar to hustling it is a term that is used to exclaim how exciting or extraordinary something is
Origin: Brampton Ontario, Canada
Yo fam did you see the way the man dems were bustling on the court the way they were balling is on a d1 level styll
by Youngsavagejr January 11, 2016
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to be in a hurry or in a frazzled state
Lauren h came up to me all in a bustle when she got back her test; That kid was all in a bustle on his way to the game; Being in a bustle can cause confusion and stress
by Brittany and Haley October 25, 2005
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Looking industrious while completing many small tasks.
eg. a bustling metropolis
eg. she bustled around in the kitchen while making waffles
by apodtropehe July 14, 2014
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